Pilates & Neurological

Pilates is a whole body exercise method incorporating both strengthening and flexibility exercises that focuses on the coordination
of the body and mind. One of the key principles of the Pilates method of exercise is that all movements come from the foundation
of strong core muscles in the body. These core muscles include deep abdominal and back muscles, and pelvic floor muscles,
which are essential for our balance, stability and control. Another key principle of the Pilates Method is that exercises
are performed using specific breathing patterns in order to assist in movements, improve lung capacity and facilitate
relaxation, focus and control.

In addition to being experienced physiotherapists working in neurological rehabilitation, Jane Costello and Shoni LeNepveu
are also experienced Pilates Instructors. Together they developed and teach the APA course "An Introduction to Pilates for Neurological Clients" and utilise their expertise to personally modify and tailor Pilates programs to the individual needs
of those living with a neurological condition.

Each program puts a strong emphasis on strengthening leg, arm and trunk muscles to enable improved function specific
to each clients needs. This may include anything from sitting and standing balance and improving walking ability,
right up to returning to running, bike riding, golf, and skiing (sit ski or upright). Our Pilates programs also focus
on stretching tight musculature and working on dynamic balance at the level of ability required by the client.

Jane and Shoni are available for individual one hour Pilates sessions in which you will receive their personal attention.
Sessions can either be at a Pilates studio using all the Pilates equipment, or they can come to you using Matwork
Pilates and small equipment (e.g balls, Theraband and Magic circle).

(1:2 sessions also available)